Doctors Springwood – A Good Hospital

Doctors Springwood is a hospital in South Africa. It is one of the oldest hospitals in the city of Johannesburg. Its name is derived from the original settlement of Doctor Julius Mofokeng, who founded the hospital during the nineteenth century. Today it has two wings and offers a number of treatments and services to the patients who require them.

The hospital was established in the year 1931 and provides medical services to various areas. There are three branches in the hospital namely, Department of Surgery, Department of General Medicine and Department of Occupational Medicine.

The outpatient department of this hospital provides care to individuals seeking urgent medical attention. It also offers routine care such as dental check ups, X-rays and other necessary procedures.

The Department of Occupational Medicine of the hospital provides medical care to the employees working in various sectors of the industry. These include those employed in the construction sector, the retail sector and the service sector. The Department of Surgery provides treatments for patients who are critically ill. This includes surgery and hospitalization services.

The doctor’s office of the hospital also offers services to the patients. These include medical consultation, x-rays and consultations with registered nurses and surgeons. The Department of General Medicine provides health checkups, blood tests and other essential services.

Doctors Springwood is an excellent hospital for both routine and emergency treatment. For all your medical needs, contact Doctors Springwood in Johannesburg and get treatment at the best hospital in South Africa. provide you with excellent service when it comes to diagnosing your medical problem and offering you the best possible treatment.

Doctors Springwood in Johannesburg offers the best possible treatment to all types of diseases and ailments. Apart from providing the best services to their patients, they also offer great discounts on certain treatments. If you are looking for a discount on surgery, chemotherapy or other treatment at the hospital, then this hospital will provide you with that as well. If you want to avail of these discounts then you need to contact them directly and inquire about the availability of these discounts.

The hospital has several features which are very impressive. It has state of the art equipment and facilities and all these are available at affordable prices. The hospital also offers many activities and workshops which include lectures and seminars for the patients.

Doctors Springwood also offers free car parking, which is convenient for patients who need to travel long distances to get treated. The staffs are also very courteous and helpful and this helps the patients feel at ease and make the most out of the facility.