Painters In NC

Painters in NC, also called painters NC, is a full-service commercial painting business located in the NC State Capital. They first approached about re-designing their current website, or as their new website was not ‹fully internet ready,‱ or SEO optimized enough to bring in the big bucks, or to simply update their site to reflect the changing landscape of the digital advertising world.

When we first visited Painters NC we were impressed with how professional and laid back their atmosphere was. As a small business we were not sure how they would fare in the highly competitive and increasingly digitalized world, and we were quite curious to see what kind of products and services they offered as opposed to what they did in the past. They did not disappoint us at all. Our business partner suggested we contact them by email, to learn more about their products and services, and to get a better understanding of the kind of work they were offering us.

When we initially contacted them we sent them a series of questions on why we needed the painting services and to learn about their pricing plans, or perhaps what kind of rates we could expect from a painter who offered this kind of work. Within minutes we had an answer for both of those questions. We learned they had a variety of prices available based on the type of work you need done, and the project length. The pricing range depended on whether the painter specialized in residential work or commercial projects, but there was no minimum service requirement.

Their products and services are well represented on their website. From their site you can learn about their wide range of products and services, their pricing plans, and even the different types of paints that they offer. We were also given access to a live chat service that was quick and efficient to answer any questions we may have had about their services, and to keep in touch with them if we wanted to ask them anything else. The web site was very user friendly, easy to navigate, and presented us with just enough information to make an informed decision about what we wanted, but not enough to be intimidated about what we needed.

The services that we received from Painters NC included everything from basic exterior and interior painting to a complete house painting job. If we wanted to redo the exterior of our home, or business, or just do some decorative painting we were able to get several different colors of paint and even stencils to coordinate with the exterior color scheme of the home. The prices we paid were comparable to what we might pay at a local painting store and were well within the reach of anyone’s budget.

With so many different services and products available from Painters NC it is no wonder they continue to have a steady stream of clients and continue to grow their customer base. The customer service was very prompt and friendly, and the prices were reasonable and competitive, with many of the discounts available for business owners who use Painters NC’s services.