Stonegate Legal Service

Stonegate Legal Services is an Ontario paralegal company that only deals with matters with the landlord and tenant board. Stonegate Legal services also provide a wealth of expertise across a wide range of legal fields including Non-payment of tenant/landlord arrears/Landlord Evictions/Substances (including but not limited to drugs), Warrant of eviction, Foreclosure, Landlord Tenant Lawsuits, Tenant’s rights, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure lawsuits, Divorce/Spousal abuse, Child Support, Wrongful death of a loved one, Filing for bankruptcy, Possession disputes, Wrongful dismissal, Unlawful imprisonment, Unfair labour practices, Employment disputes and Employment law. Stonegate Lawyers is trained and experienced in these fields, as they are part of the larger legal community and have been a long time partner of the large companies in the Toronto area.

Stonegate Lawyers is well-equipped and skilled in providing legal services to individuals and organizations. These legal services can include but are not limited to Landlords/tenants/workers issues, Personal injury cases, Small Claims matters, Mortgage and Business matters, Consumer, Criminal, and Traffic Law. Most people have a desire to be represented by an expert in their own field, be it in the court room or in the kitchen counter, and in this case Stonegate lawyers can help. The company is an ideal partner for businesses, professionals and home owners in the Toronto area. For business and professional purposes, the company offers services such as, preparing and filing, serving documents, negotiating, advising clients on strategies and the latest laws on the area, providing legal referrals and advice, preparing and filing tax returns, advising clients on insurance claims, preparing wills and probate, negotiating leases with landlords, preparing and filing court orders, assisting clients in financial situations, helping in legal and non-profit projects, and providing information and advice regarding the law.

There are several branches of Stonegate Law in the Toronto area, all specializing in specific types of law. Stonegate Lawyers are lawyers who have gained specializations, so that they can help clients that require their skills. In general law practice, Stonegate Lawyers handles the majority of all cases which involve issues with tenants, landlords and tenants, land disputes, tenants’ rights and issues relating to tenancy and property management, and other legal situations.

Stonegate Lawyers deal with clients who need specialized services such as, financial or tax issues, which may include landlord and tenant lawsuits, property taxes, eviction, mortgage issues and foreclosures. Stonegate Lawyers is knowledgeable about all of these issues and many others. They are experienced and knowledgeable, and they are able to provide good advice and guidance when seeking help. They are knowledgeable about their area and know exactly what they are talking about. They have helped hundreds of clients throughout the years and they have received their licenses from the Law Society of Upper Canada, which is the Canadian Law Society.

The legal professionals at Stonegate Lawyers have had their credentials verified through the Law Society, the Canadian Lawyer, and the Law Society of Ontario, and they are members of the Association of Professional Engineers and Surveyors. Their members work with the Ontario Law Society, and the National Association of Professional Engineers and Surveyors. They have a very high professional level of responsibility, and they are committed to excellence in their profession. They use an extensive amount of technology to conduct their research, and they are committed to customer service and satisfaction.

Stonegate Lawyers uses advanced software to help them do their research. They have access to all of the latest technologies, which allows them to conduct research quickly and efficiently. They are well versed in the legal system and their clients will be pleased with their services, if they receive results. If you have questions or concerns, they will be glad to discuss your concerns with you in detail and answer any questions that you have regarding your particular needs.