The Most Important Items For Football Players

football players

Football players wear many different types of gear to protect themselves from injuries. These include: eye black, shoulder pads, and gloves. But what are the most important items? Let’s find out. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the right football gear for you. Listed below are some of the most important items that every player should have. Keeping in mind that football players are usually much bigger than you might think, it helps to have a clearer understanding of the differences between them.

Eye black

Historically, football players have used eye black to enhance their vision. The substance is made from beeswax, paraffin, and carbon, and was originally developed by the Farkas family as a visual aid. Over the years, however, different substances have been used, including shoe polish and burnt cork. Players are often fined for using custom-designed eye black. While eye black has many benefits, the question remains: is it worth the extra cost?

Some believe that eye black is effective at reducing glare, which mucks up vision and robs a player of valuable decision-making time during intense game moments. Some players, such as Tim Tebow, have begun to wear eye black as a way to intimidate opponents. However, this practice is against NFL and NCAA rules. Although Tebow has no legal grounds for challenging the new NFL rules, his recent statement demonstrates the benefits of eye black.


If you’re in the NFL or another NFL-sponsored team, you’ve probably noticed that many players wear gloves. While it may seem like an obvious choice, gloves for football players play a crucial role in the game. A wide receiver’s gloves, for example, are designed to provide a firm grip on the ball and help prevent fumbles. But what does a football player need to know about these protective items?

Unlike other sports gloves, football gloves aren’t all made the same. Some materials shrink when they’re first used, while others expand once they’ve been broken in. This can make the gloves too tight during the game. Therefore, choosing a pair that fits properly is essential. Also, try to select a pair of football gloves that will be comfortable to wear for a long time. While these gloves may not be as comfortable as other football gloves, they’ll be comfortable to wear and allow you to do more in the game.

Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads for football players have several advantages. While they may be a permanent part of your uniform, they are also a great way to protect your shoulders from injury. Many shoulder pads are made of padded foam to protect the shoulder joints and are designed to be extremely comfortable. They are also durable and will not be easily torn off during a game. If you’re serious about protecting your shoulders, consider purchasing shoulder pads for football players from a reputable manufacturer.

When buying shoulder pads, choose the type that fits your shoulders the best. You don’t want something too heavy that will reduce your mobility and take away your endurance. Look for a lightweight option without sacrificing quality or construction. Generic shoulder pads are usually heavier than multi-position ones. You may also want to choose a football player shoulder pad that is made of high-quality materials. If you play in a league with shoulder pads, you’ll want to consider a multi-position option.