Window Tinting Nampa Idaho

Using high-quality car window tint in Nampa Idaho can help you reduce the dangerous glare of sun or headlights and block damaging UV rays. Tinting your car or truck can also protect your interiors from fading and help save on fuel costs. Window tint is a great way to add style, privacy, and comfort to your vehicle.

Window tinting Nampa Idaho

Idaho window tint laws are based on visible light transmission, or VLT. This number indicates how much visible light can pass through the tinted window, with higher numbers allowing more light to pass through. Idaho allows a three percent variance in VLT, so even windows that allow less light than stated regulations may not result in a violation. However, if your windows reflect a lot of visible light, you could be subject to a citation.

The front side windows window tinting Nampa Idaho of a private vehicle registered in Idaho can have tint rated as dark as 35% VLT, which is more than enough to block the harsh sunlight and add style to your ride. You can also tint the back windows on your vehicle to a maximum of 20% VLT. You must have dual side mirrors in working order if you tint the rear window of your vehicle. Idaho does not allow medical exemptions for window tint, but you can apply for a waiver with an exam and dispensation from your doctor.

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