Moving Miracle

Moving Miracle is a worldwide movement of choreography, dance, and visual art founded by a teacher, choreographer and dance artist Annie Sprinklefield. It began in 1997 when Annie Sprinklefield began choreographing group shows at local recreation centers with the help of her husband David Sprinklefield. She choreographed both for and with children, teenagers, and adults in both children’s and adult’s dance classes. They have performed at the Santa Barbara Bowl in California, the Santa Barbara Symphony in California, the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix, the Wisconsin State Theater in Madison, the Peabody Opera in Chicago, the Dallas City Ballet, the Theatre in the Park in New York City, and many others throughout the United States. They also have done numerous internationally traveling shows including at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Bell-in-hand Hotel in Edinburgh, the Royal Albert Hall in London, and the Congress Theater in Washington, D.C. Their most popular show was “The Whaling Bridge”, which ran for six seasons on London’s West End.

The very first song they recorded was called “I Still Believe”, and it is about their moving miracle. At one point, they played it to a church full of people who were dying to be saved from hell, but they sang it to a closed room and then sang it there and then. I heard (i heard) that it has been replayed on American television stations as well as on Canadian television stations to this day. In fact, it has even reached number one on the Canadian chart, which is known worldwide.

“I Still Believe” is one of the best songs they ever wrote and sang and probably still the best about how a life can be better than what you have right now. It speaks of faith and a belief in a higher power. It speaks of overcoming obstacles and making your own future. It speaks of making a difference in the world, of changing your life for the better. It’s almost a call to arms to the people in other trenches and tells them that they’re not alone; they have a friend in us all, even if we can’t hear their cry out in our own lives.

There are some powerful words in that song, and some pretty incredible imagery. People need proof. They need proof that all things are possible. They need proof that there’s a greater power than what you can see or touch. They need proof that everything worth having is possible.

The people need proof because they don’t believe. They don’t believe that you can create wealth by washing your hands on your knees. They don’t believe that you can ride a bike with your eyes closed. They don’t believe that the sky is your limit. But when you believe in a higher power, that you can create abundance, live a wealthy life, do things that make a difference in the world, then you’re on the path to prosperity and joy.

“I Still Believe” is a beautiful song from The Omen of Life. It speaks of hope and a belief in a greater power. As I heard it recently, I decided to write and share it with you because it touched me in a way that no words can ever express. It changed my life and the way I live today so please be listening.