What Is Fire Watch Guards?

Fire Watch Guards are the ultimate solution for all monitored systems. They provide the essential protection for your business premises from an accidental sprinkler or fire hose bursting in to damage any electrical equipment or furniture. It is essential for businesses to implement these systems to ensure the continued safe management of the workplace.

Fire watch guards ought to be permanently on-site to guard the entire working area and to see that all the fire alarm equipment is fully operational. In these instances, fire watch guards will be required to man their fire alarms, in addition to a number of other duties including checking door locks and lighting. In instances where the guard is not on site or on duty, the manager may choose to engage the services of a professional security services company to outsource some of the guard’s responsibilities to them. In this instance the patrol would report to the security services company and would carry out checks on premises to ensure the fire safety equipment is being used correctly, as well as conducting searches for risk indicators.

Fire guard companies usually employ around one hundred fully trained personnel to man their fire watches. The majority of companies will have a minimum of twenty five fire watches at any one time. These patrols are designed to respond to an incident within one hour of being alerted. However, in certain countries fire watches may be employed up to a 24 hour period.

Fire watch guards are normally stationed around the clock on each shift. Usually they will arrive in a designated vehicle and will be the first one on site when an alarm is raised. Once on site they will man the fire safety equipment and perform all the required searches. The fire watch guards are also responsible for ringing the fire department when an alarm is raised and for liaising with the local fire marshal. When a fire watch is dispatched there is a two hour warning which allows them to travel to the incident if necessary.

Fire watch guards are not permitted to tackle fire hazards themselves and are usually accompanied by members of the public. Fire departments will also be notified should the alarm be raised. However, if a patrol member is injured while making a safety check they are expected to make a report to the fire marshal and the police. Fire watch guards are trained to look for the signs of a fire and should they see anything unusual they are trained to use the fire safety equipment and extinguisher to put out the fire.

Fire watch guard duty can be extremely dangerous and therefore it is vital that business owners provide them with proper training to undertake their duties safely. There are many differences between normal duty and guard duty and business owners must be aware of these differences. They must also be trained to deal with all the different types of fire hazards that could occur on site. All fire equipment is designed to withstand high heat and so fire watch guards are also trained in using these items. They will wear suitable safety clothing like bulletproof vests and helmets to protect them from burns.